How is Living Threads Funded?

Living Threads is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization–each year we file an IRS form 990 as required by law. As a faith-based organization we are fully funded by the donations of individuals and area businesses.

We invite you to watch this short video (less than 3 minutes) that explains the Mission of Living Threads and how it is funded.

For more detailed information about our funding please read through the information on this page. Please give us a call at 616-748-6505 if you would like a tour or have any questions.

The best way to explain how Living Threads is funded is through the graphics of two pots.

Pot #1 has ONE source of income and ONE expense.

  • When a client comes to pick up their memory quilt, they have been made aware of how many total hours the volunteers have donated in making their quilt.
  • The family is asked to make a donation forthose hours and ALL (100%) of their donation goes directly into Pot #1.
  • The only output from this pot is support for poor nad needy children in the world, currently in the Kiber Slum of Kenya.
  • As you can clearly see 100% in, results in 100% out, for children.

The world would say this makes no economical sense, but when following God’s calling this is called OBEDIENCE, doing exactly what He has asked Living Threads to do.

Since 100% of quilt donations go directly to Kibera, how is Living Threads sustainable and able to provide and serve other areas of their ministry?  

Pot # 2 is what sustains Living Threads and without Pot #2 Living Threads would cease to exist.

As you can see by the diagram, the INPUT is from a variety of places:

  • Fundraising events
  • Individual Donations
  • “Circle of Friends” monthly supporters
  • Church Support
  • Corporate Donations
  • Bible Block of the Month Class fees and Volunteer Labor

The output from Pot #2 are ALL the expenses Living Threads has over and beyond our support for the nine Bible clubs we support in the Kibera Slum. Without Pot #2, Living Threads would be unable to serve grieving families with memory quilts–without that we’d be unable to provide for the children in the Kibera Slum because we would have no operating income.

God gives the opportunity for all of us to be part of HIS bigger plan, for HIS Kingdom purposes.

If you would like to participate in how God is using Living Threads to serve the community and beyond,
your contribution of any size is greatly appreciated. 

Please (click here) for ways to donate.