Memory Quilt Cost

A common question is “how much will it cost to have a memory quilt made?”  This question has many variables and depends on the following:  the size of quilt, the complexity of the pattern, type of longarm quilting chosen, and how many supplies beyond the clothing brought in will be needed in creating the memory quilt. Once these are determined, clients are asked to reimburse Living Threads for any supply costs and quilting incurred in creating their memory quilt/wall hanging/pillow. This is the deposit to begin the memory quilt process.

Required and optional supplies needed are:

  • Background fabric – opt’l
  • Sashing fabric – opt’l
  • Border fabric(s) – opt’l
  • Binding fabric – required
  • Backing fabric – required
  • Batting – required
  • Thread – required
  • Memory Label – opt’l
  • Interfacing/Stabilizer –opt’l
  • Steam-a-Seam or Heat & Bond – opt’l
  • Hanging Sleeve – opt’l
  • Photo’s/Text/Images transferred to fabric – opt’l
  • Machine Quilting – required

During construction of the memory quilts, our talented quilters donate 100% of their time in creating the memory quilts.  The donated hours are tracked for each project.  Upon completion of each memory quilt the client is informed of how many total volunteer hours were donated to create their quilt.  As agreed upon before beginning any project the client agrees to make a donation for volunteer hours upon picking up their quilt(s).  The donation is given in its entirety (100%) in honor of their loved one to support life for the children of the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Many will ask, “how much should I give as a donation for the hours?”  The following is the only guideline we give at Living Threads for the donation:

  1. Please pray asking God what He would have you give for the children.
  2. Think about the number of hours and what would you want to be paid per hour for your labor?

To learn more about where your donation is going, please click here.