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  • With your credit card
    • Call our office at 616-748-6505 or
    • Fill out the donation form (click here to print) and mail to Living Threads, 100 S. Pine St, Ste #145, Zeeland, MI  49464
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  • We also accept donations of stock through Edward Jones. Please contact us if you need further information regarding stock donations.

From the Desk of Jill Dannenberg

Dear Friends,
COVID-19… Coronavirus… Pandemic… Shelter-in-Place… Social Distance… Isolation… Quarantine… Confirmed Cases… Death Toll… Unemployment… Riots… Violence… words all too familiar bombarding our daily news and infiltrating our homes and minds.
What if we change the trajectory and fill our minds with words from scripture like…Love… Grace… Hope… Trust… Peace… Faith… Forgiveness… Patience… Joy… Thankfulness… Repentance… Comfort… Praise… Obedience… Prayer…?
In Matthew 5:13-16 Jesus tells us, “YOU are the salt of the earth…..YOU are the light of the world.” Since Jesus tells us we are the salt and light that means we have power through the Holy Spirit to impact the world for good. At Living Threads we are doing just that…being “salt” and “light” impacting lives for good from death (memory quilts) to life (children in the Kibera slum).

May I invite you to be “salt” and “light” with us? Five generous friends of the ministry have come together to offer a $10,000 Dollar-For-Dollar Match; each has also submitted a personally meaningful scripture passage. The words to these verses will be unveiled in our “Buy-A-Word” Campaign.
For each donation of $51.28 one word will be revealed. Once all the words (195 of them) have been purchased and revealed our Match Goal will be met!! Deadline is August 31!

By participating in our Matching Gifts Campaign you help us to:
– Provide a place where memory quilts are created. Our ministry center at City on a Hill is an essential hub of love to those grieving someone they dearly loved and deeply miss. Since COVID-19 hit the US over 132,000 people have lost their lives. Imagine the incredible pain and how a memory quilt could bring comfort to grieving families through this tangible legacy which would bring daily memories of their precious loved one.
– Provide a dynamic purpose to the lives of our sisterhood of volunteer quilters who thrive as they use their time and talent to bless the lives of others. Many have told me with tears in their eyes, “I now have purpose, thank you for Living Threads.”
– Provide physical, emotional and spiritual care for children living in the Kibera slum. We can only do this by having the place and means to create memory quilts. We then give 100% of the donations received for the quilts to meet the needs of the children through our supported Bible Clubs.
I want to thank you in advance for considering to “Double your Dollars” and join us to be “salt” and “light” into a hurting world that needs Jesus!

Gratefully–Jill Dannenberg (Executive Director)

How To Contribute

  • Your check payable to Living Threads.
  • With your credit card
    • Call our office at 616-748-6505 or
    • Fill out the donation form (click here to print) and mail to Living Threads, 100 S. Pine St, Ste #145, Zeeland, MI  49464
  • With PayPal
  • We also accept donations of stock through Edward Jones. Please contact us if you need further information regarding stock donations.

Miraculous things happen when God’s people invest in His Kingdom. Sewers invest their time, using their skills to serve the grieving; families invest their money by donating for volunteer hours put into making their memory quilt; the fruit of His kingdom buds as children in Kibera benefit from donations. We can only imagine what more God will do!

Volunteer quilters like Katie spend one to two days per week piecing and praying for grieving families.

Volunteers form the branches of Living Threads, bringing comfort to those who are in desperate need of comfort.

Finished quilts tell the stories of the person they honor. This quilt story tells of a deep faith in Christ and a simple love of tulips and her Dutch heritage.

In gratitude, a donation is made to the ministry based on the number of hours that volunteers spent making their personalized quilt.

Quilt recipient families make donations to Living Threads based on the number of volunteer hours that go into making their memory quilt. 

100% of that donation goes to children living in desperate poverty in the Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.

Your gift to Living Threads brings hope to a grieving wife, husband, parent or child which in turn gives life to children in the Kibera Slum of Kenya. You bring comfort and healing to the grieving. You give the children of Kibera nourishment for their hungry tummies, a safe and loving environment, but, most importantly the opportunity to hear about salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thank you for choosing to support the ongoing work of Living Threads. Because of your sacrifical gift more families and children will experience the joy of knowing others care about their pain and are willing to help!

BUDGET………a word that often causes us to cringe but it’s a necessity to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us.

Our “Circle of Friends” give monthly to help meet those “budgeted” expenditures that allow Living Threads to exist.

Would you consider sacrificially giving $10, $20, $30 or more per month? This could be done through your debit/credit card or bill pay.  Your monthly support would be an important investment in God’s Kingdom work to help us serve the grieving, suffering, needy, and poor.  To become one of our special “Circle of Friends” please (click here) to print the form to register.

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