Childbearing Loss Pillows

Do you know someone who has suffered a childbearing loss?

Living Threads has launched a new initiative to reach families that have lost a child through miscarriage, a stillborn birth, or abortion.  These moms (and dads) often grieve alone–privately and without much support. Often, others are not aware of their pain.

A group of courageous moms who have experienced this type of child loss helped us choose pillow designs that acknowledge their loss. These pillows are a tangible gift that give moms a chance to share with others about their child–a child that others never had the chance to meet and get to know.

We have 5 pillow designs for you to choose from (see below). Our goal is to have pillows available at Living Threads for immediate purchase.  You can order personalization on the back to make your pillow even more meaningful.

If you know of someone who has experienced this kind of child loss, please consider reaching out to them in the midst of their grief with the gift of a pillow. Just as our memory quilts bring comfort to families grieving their loved ones these pillows can bring comfort to a mom experiencing a childbearing loss.

Always in Our Heart

Never Forgotten

Mourning Dove

Whispers of Love

Fly to Jesus

Pillow backs include a label expressing the heartfelt emotions of the parent(s) (see below).


Perhaps you’d like to honor your child by adding your child’s name and date of birth making your pillow even more meaningful (additional cost of $10).

Pillow Details:

  • Pillows are 18″ square
  • Each pillow is made using premium 100% cotton as well as a premium pillow form
  • Pillows come in a variety of background patterns including ivory, white and gray (pattern may vary from pillow to pillow)
  • Pillows have zippered backs making them easy to wash and keep clean.
  • Special orders can be placed if you prefer specific colors for appliques, pillow back and/or personalization

Pillow Costs

  • Pillows are priced in a 2-tier format
    • The base price of $39 is to reimburse Living Threads for all supply costs incurred in creating the pillow
    • Our talented quilters donate 100% of their time in creating the pillows.  Each pillow takes about 5 hours to complete.
  • There is an additional $10 fee for adding names and dates to the pillow back.
  • Upon each purchase a donation for the volunteer hours is required upon picking up your pillow
  • The donation is then given in its entirety (100%) in honor of the infant to support life for another child living in extreme poverty in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya

Many will ask, “how much should I give as a donation for the hours?”  The following is the only guideline we give at Living Threads for the donation:

  1. Please pray asking God what He would have you give for the children.
  2. Think about the number of hours and what would you want to be paid per hour for your labor?
  3. To learn more about where your donation is going, please click here.

To purchase/order a childbearing loss pillow please call our office at 616-748-6505 or download the order form here.