About Us

Living Threads exists to be used by God to…

…REMEMBER the lives of loved ones through death or altered by dementia with quilts made from clothing or treasured items.  Through the quilts, comfort is found, a loved one is honored, and their legacy is affirmed with a cherished treasure to pass on to future generations.

…SERVE volunteers by providing purposeful opportunities to use their God-given talents for the benefit of others.

…NOURISH children in the most needy parts of the world.  All money raised by creating memory quilts is given in its entirety (100%) to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment to hundreds of children in poverty.

…SUPPORT kingdom purposes by working together as a unit to fulfill God’s calling.  This is accomplished through the dedication and commitment of volunteers, donors, students, clients, staff and prayer partners.

All of these together create the Living Threads “Circle of Life”


Jill Dannenberg - Executive Director

Jill was born and raised in Muskegon, MI and lived there until she married Paul Dannenberg in 1983 and moved to Holland, MI his home town.    
Jill cherished being a stay at home mom while her 3 children were growing up.  Being home allowed her to volunteer as the GEM’s Coordinator at her church along with volunteering at Zeeland Christian School where her children attended.   
Jill has always had a love and passion for sewing, fabrics, quilting, and being creative with her hands.  In 2000 she started a business called “Sew Fine Embroidery” a commercial embroidery shop that specialized in school apparel, corporate logos and specialty upholstery/linens.   
After a prayer of surrender, God called Jill in 2010 to sell Sew Fine Embroidery and start a faith based non-profit known today as Living Threads.  Living Threads mission and calling is to “serve the grieving and needy through quilting”.   
Jill says, “when you are right where God wants you, doing exactly what He has created you for, there is no greater joy. “   
Jill and her husband Paul reside in Zeeland, MI and have three grown children, one son and two daughters.  Paul & Jill are privileged and blessed to be the proud grandparents of three precious granddaughters.